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    a couple of questions.

    1. Doing the HM L0. Currently I have on Friday a speed session (Fartlek, Progressive Intervals Run etc), Saturday Foundation Run, Sunday Endurance Run. On Saturday I have access to a public running track.

    Is it OK to switch the Friday Speed session and the Saturday Foundation Run around.

    2. I am also doing most of my Foundation and Endurance Runs as trail/park runs in hilly areas (so I can take the dog). Is that OK? My race in 4 weeks is a road race and has a couple of small hills. Should I be doing more road work?

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    Matt Fitzgerald

    1. This is not a good idea because you’ll be doing harder sessions (high-intensity workout and long run) back to back. If you go ahead with this idea your long runs could become a real grind and your injury risk will increase.

    2. This is fine as long as you’re staying in Zone 2 when running uphill.

    Good luck with your marathon!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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