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    Hi guys,

    Killing time while on a flight, I was watching the Netflix documentary „The Game Changers“.
    For those who haven’t been able to watch it, I want to absolutely recommend it.
    I am and never was a vegan but this documentary made me think about nutrition even more than I do anyways.
    Now, knowing that Coach Matt is very much into nutrition, I wonder if
    1. has seen it?
    2. his thoughts?


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    Matt Fitzgerald

    I find the kind of proselytizing done in this documentary tedious, regardless of which specific diet is being proselytized. In my view, anyone who argues that there is a single best diet for humans should be ignored, again regardless of which specific diet is put forward as the “best.” It’s religion masquerading as science. What real science tells us, as Marion Nestle puts it, is that “The range of healthful nutrient intake is broad and foods from the earth, tree, or animal can be combined in a seemingly infinite number of ways to create diets that meet health goals.”


    Well put Matt.


    I saw the documentary and then read some background on it. I don’t think it is particularly balanced and not sure they tell the “whole truth”……


    Watched it. As a lifetime omnivore over 70 years of age and no complaints from my doctor I don’t see anything tangible to going vegan.

    My main problem, and as Matt implies, a non-restrictive diet simpler and avoids the shortcomings of specialized diets.

    Probably the most difficult thing with any diet is in the execution. I love to cook. Watched all of the Culinary Arts videos, collected all of the books, and tried the recipes. Subscribed to Hello Fresh for three years for practice, and did a couple of years subscription to the local Community Supported Agriculture to practice “free style” cooking (never know what your are going to get in the weekly basket).

    Putting it all together into a coherent nutrition plan is hard, even if you are not excluding items from the shopping list. Then, there are those specialized cooking books with their overly complex recipes, never right sized, and hard to find ingredients. And, if I ever placed one of those bright green smoothies on the table with friends and family the grand experiment would be over…

    The diet quality score (from Racing Weight) works, but would someone please put together a companion meal plan for the 80/20 training segments.

    sorry – I’m a bit hangry and can’t decide what to do about lunch

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