Through my first wobble

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    I’ve had my first wobble on my first 80/20 plan. Having read the book, I knew this was likely to happen.
    Now I’m back on track but want to be 100% certain I’m working out as intended.

    On a typical run workout the sessions are all “built” meaning they sync with Garmin and give alerts if your training falls outside of the required zones. Trouble is if I try to match the pace zones that are set, my HR zones aren’t what was intended (my HR is usually too high when working at desired pace zone). My watch alerts me to my pace targets rather than my HR targets so I presumed that was that I should be prioritising, but it feels as though it’s the HR that I should prioritise.
    I’ve used the calculator to calculate my zones and made sure that Training peaks is using the 80/20 zone bands. But still my pace zones and HR zones don’t seem to correlate.

    Given that I feel like I’m working at too high an intensity I feel like I ought to prioritise hr zones and ignore alerts on my watch telling me I’m going too slow for the desired pace set in the workout plan notes. But just so that I can commit 100% to the plan I need as much certainty as possible that I’m not doing it incorrectly.

    There are several 80/20 Garmin widgets, both pave and HR but I’m not sure which is most helpful for me and my problem.

    David Warden

    Osteo, thanks for using our plans. Choose one metric: HR or Pace. Don’t try and mix the two. We recommend Pace over HR, as HR changes day-to-day based on external factors. HR can be a reasonable secondary measure, but Pace is a better Primary measure.

    HR and Pace zones will align under very specific conditions, and only if you can replicate those conditions on every single workout. It will just drive you crazy if you try and align them both each workout.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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