Timing to changing Threshold Pace

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    So, with 5 weeks to go with my Marathon Plan I just did a PB half marathon race (real race not virtual). Punched my times in the 8020 calculator and I have a 4 sec pace threshold improvement.

    4:14 to a 4:10.

    Wise to change with 5 weeks to go or just leave and change after my marathon?


    David Warden

    Alan, congratulations! Well deserved. Since you purchased one of our bundles, I have access to your account and was able to took take a deeper look at your overall recent history to validate this.

    First, your HM was beautifully paced. A negative split by 1%, practically perfect. You set yourself up for a PB with that discipline.

    Looking at this and other past data, I would for sure drop to a 4:10 threshold now. The time until your next race is not relevant. If you identify a new threshold, use it right away (whether slower or faster).



    Thanks David. Done.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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