Total newbie question on 5k plan

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    Hi everyone

    recently stumbled upon the 80/20 running plan book – which lead me to this website

    few things :

    i downloaded the free trial from here -80/20 Running: 2023 Edition Free Sample 5K Level 1 HR-based

    first thing i noticed was no real rest days are incorporated? at the moment i do a couch to 5k prog – where i run every other day- here you just get 1 rest day?

    the free 5k sample has day one as a fartlek- then foundation running days
    again at the moment i do a walk run programmme – this is solely running though – at a lower pace?

    The books 5k plan – looks different to the plan from here -that i have synced with my coros watch- or are they very similar?

    Many Thanks

    David Warden

    andy, thanks for trying out plans!

    1. The Level 1 plan has only 1 rest day per week. Our Level 0 plan has 2 rest days per week.

    2. Yes, the 5K plan is solely running, but we do have a Starting Out/Starting Over plan that might be a better fit for you that includes run/walk. See

    3. The book was written in 2013. We’ve make a lot of changes in 10 years! The core principles are the same, but we do update the on-line plans regularly.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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