Training adjustment for days landing on B/C race days

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    I’m on the Master’s ultra plan, and at the start of Microcycle 10, I have 2 races that I’m committed to (and can’t change because I am running them with my kids). The races are a 5K on the day of RFF51, and then the next day a 10 miler when the plan calls for ER15. In the past, I’ve matched races with workouts and just run the workout at the race. In this case, neither one would be practical for giving me enough time for either of those workouts — the races are far shorter than the workouts will be. What’s the best solution? Just spend that weekend with less time/fewer miles than called for? Do Split workouts (eg. race the 5k and then do a 45 min fast finish run later that day, and similar the next day for the 10 miler)? Something else?

    The location of the races make it impractical to just continue running after the finish line.


    Great question and one that a lot of athletes have regarding fitting in training and family time.

    My opinion would be to run the races you have schedule with your kids, and then adjust your planned workout accordingly. You mentioned that logistically, it would be impossible to run the remaining workout after the race, but adding the required distance later would be practical. In these cases, pay attention to the zones within the workout and adjust for the mileage already run.

    The memories of running with your kids is priceless. Enjoy!

    Coach Anne


    Thanks, Coach Anne!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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