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    i completed my first marathon on Sunday, managed to scrape a sub 4h time, at an over-ambitious 5:30min/km pace and sprint finish — pleased with that. I went from couch in December (with ok base fitness), used the Lvl2 Marathon 80/20 training programme. I skipped a few weeks in the prog due to not having the full 18 wks remaining before the marathon, and often did more milegage than suggested. At the back end of the programme, I had 2 x 17k trail races 2 weeks + 1 month before the marathon, and did pretty well in these considering they were my first races — i used these as long high intensity runs for the week, but they impacted compliance with the marathon training programme due to needing more recovery.

    Anyway, any recommendations on doing the Lvl 2 Marathon training programmes back-to-back? Would you step it up to the Lvl 3, training twice a day for a faster time? I have 10 weeks before another race in June (trail 25k) – shall i start the Lvl 2 training programme from Week 9, which will end the prog on race day? Was planning to start next week, to allow this week to recover from marathon. I plan to do the programme once again after the June race, for a marathon in October. (you might say i’ve got the bug!)

    Thanks for any tips.


    Looks like you’ve got the bug really :). Nice! Make sure you recover well! Not sure that jumping into the week 9 of marathon plan just 1 week after a marathon race is enough of a recovery : /

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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