Training for half Ironman after completing full distance IM


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    I, 49 old, completed last week, on 3rd July, my first triathlon and full distance Ironman thanks to IM Level 0 plan. I was resting last week with no activities and this week I plan to do a few unstrcutured base swimming and cycling activities only. That will be 2 weeks of recovering since the event.

    After that I have 9 weeks to prepare for 70.3 Ironman which is on 18 Spetember.

    So to train for the event, does it make sense to take 70.3 IM level 0 which is 18 weeks,
    – but execute every second week of general, race specific and tapper phase?
    – or it’ll be better to start straight away from race specific phase since I had lots base workouts in my previous IM training

    Perhaps, this is a brutal and naive way to shrink 18 weeks plan into 9 weeks to 70.3 IM after completing full distance IM on 3rd July.

    Please advise!

    Thanks in advance, Denis.


    Ironman is raced in at a different pace as 70.3. Your base fitness should be quite good so I would recommend to dive into the race specific phase.


    Leyla Porteous

    Good advice from Winoria – would just add that after an ironman your base fitness will be very high, but main thing is to be recovered enough to handle the 70.3 race specifics so that you adapt to the training and don’t get yourself over-trained.
    You can simply then apply the 70.3 plan to your TP with the end date specified and start at that point in the plan.


    Thank you both – that is really helpful. Cheers, Denis.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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