Training for two distinct races (Marathon and 70.3 Triathlon)


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    I just confirmed I have a relay spot for Challenge Roth (Germany). Excited 🎉 for that. I will be doing the running/marathon leg. July 2023. So that means when I’m done with my off-season strength work and start training in January, I’ll have +/- 25 weeks to go before Roth. Oh and I never ran a marathon before (stand-alone or as part of a Triathlon), though by January, will already be running +/- 40 kms/week.

    I could grab an 18-week Marathon Plan, but here’s where it gets complicated:
    I’m also wanting to go after my Sub-5 Half Ironman goal time in 2023 and the race I’m eyeing is 5 weeks post-Roth (and post-Euro vacation – I’m in Canada) at Ironman 70.3 Maine (USA).

    Honestly looking for advice here. Should I go for a 25-week full Ironman plan in advance of Roth even if I’m only doing the run leg but as an overtraining “bonus” way to train for the Half Iron 5 weeks later? How do I combine those two race goals? Marathon June 25 and 70.3 Triathlon July 30?

    Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.


    My experience is limited (2 6 hour 70.3, one Full and maybe a half dozen half marathons, all done well after age 50, and a lot of cycling).
    From that limited perspective and experience, the one thing I learned the hard way is to not underestimate how hard running a full marathon is. Compared to a half, I found it much more than “twice as hard”.
    While it certainly makes sense to train in all three disciplines throughout the entire time, I’d make room to get in those long runs that are part of the last month or so of marathon training.
    As the final leg of a relay, you’ll be pushing yourself to do your best – not just for yourself. I’d work hard to be ready for that.

    Leyla Porteous

    Hi Flash,
    sounds like the 70.3 is your A race goal so I would recommend doing an appropriate 70.3 plan and adding in additional running towards that June Marathon. Increasing your long runs up to a longest one of 3 hours about 3 weeks before the marathon, and adding in a 1-2 additional runs (30-60mins foundation runs) will also help to build your run fitness for the marathon, whilst you still keep your swim and bike fitness progressing for a sub 5hr 70.3.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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