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    Within the context of 80/20 training, is there any utility for the TrainingPeaks ATP (Annual Training Plan) other than setting the race dates? Does applying an 80/20 TP-hosted training plan set up things in ATP (week labels, ATP TSS trajectory to events, etc.) I can’t tell if the week labels (such as “Build 1 Week 2”) in my ATP were set up when I scheduled the 80/20 training plan on my calendar or maybe I had done this manually earlier.


    Before the forum I posed this question to David for the 5K & 10K run plans and at the time they were using a different definition for the various stages. Since the plans have evolved significantly since I posed my question I wait David or Matt’s response to your question.

    My experience is that the training stages are only applied if you have TP calculate the ATP.

    Typically I enter the 80/20 Plans into the calendar then adjust the TSS and stages manually in the ATP. It’s useful to the extent that I can fill in the non plan stages with whatever I choose.

    My opinion is that the ATP is not really necessary if you are just doing a race plan. The 80/20 Plans appear to be great “out of the box”. Some of the completing plans from other coaches require considerable editing in which case the TP ATP is a great tool for confirming that the adjustment you might make are naking some kind of sense,

    BTW tedc, thanks for your post on metrics. I’ve been playing with the sleep stuff on my Forerunner 940 and added binaural beats to my sleep protocol and I am seeing improvements in my sleep and recovery.

    David Warden

    Ted, there is currently no link between any plan on TP and the ATP. As a plan author, we can’t define phases within the plan. It’s a feature I’ve been asking for for years, would be easy to implement, but is not on TP’s radar right now. the only way a plan will auto-fill ATP is is you don’t use an author’s plan, and let TP just create the entire annual plan automatically.

    In the book 80/20 Triathlon we define the phases General, Specific, Taper and Race. We don’t publish those with the 80/20 Run plans.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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