Transitioning from Saturday race schedule to Sunday race


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    I’m just under six weeks from my 70.3 race. I set my training schedule up for a Saturday race in order to have Sundays off for family time rather than Mondays. Race day is actually Sunday which means I’ll need to add an extra day to shift me to Sunday. I’d prefer to do it some time within the last two weeks. What workout or rest day would you suggest I add and when in order to align me with my Sunday race.


    Forgot to say I’m using the HIM Level 1 plan.


    Hi Bstarr,
    Thats a pretty simply shift of just race week itself:
    I recommend shifting the Sta1, CRe1 and RTA1 workouts to Saturday instead of Friday and having Friday as a pre race rest/organisation/travel day.

    Coach Leyla


    Thanks Leyla,

    Thoughts, I like the simplicity of that but that gives back to back days Thursday and Friday before the race of no cycling or run work. Is that OK? I like the idea of two days of rest leading up to the race I just want to make sure I don’t lose anything that way. Would it be better to add the extra rest day into the first half of week 17?


    Yes you could also just make race week as it is laid out when you have a standard MON-SUN set up, with Monday as the rest day (that will give you Sunday and Monday off) then follow the week as laid out. Taper week is actually really individual – not sure if this is your first longer race? If so be sure to pay attention to how the taper feels for you and your race day sensation, if you have raced before think back to what you have done in the past that worked for you. Some athletes need to keep intensity and activity all the way up the race to feel “on” others need a little more rest and find that having time off closer to the race let’s them feel fresher on race morning. The main thing is doing short sessions of some sort the day before – to get the body and mind primed..
    Remember by taper week the “hay is in the barn” – you’re not getting any fitness gains from what you do that week – what you are trying to do is remove fatigue while keeping the body in a similar training routine to arrive as fresh and confident as you can on race day.

    Coach L


    Thanks Leyla.

    I have done two 70.3s before. I like your two approaches. I’ll see how I feel the week before and take my pick.

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