Treadmill purchase advice?

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    Hi! My partner and I are thinking about purchasing a home treadmill for the winter and impending increase in COVID cases in our college town. Looking for any advice on what to consider and thought this community might have some good ideas.

    We’re most concerned with:
    * Durability – he’s almost 200 pounds and likes to use it to run a fast mile to warmup every day before lifting, and we want it to last under that use case.
    * Ease of use with structured workouts – I’ve been doing an 80-20 plan all summer and generally like to keep up some foundation and some pace workouts to supplement backcountry skiing in the winter and make the spring transition back to more running easier – the treadmill I used last winter at the gym had some built in pace workouts customized to your zones which were really nice – not sure if I’m dreaming about that possibility for a home treadmill, but any ease of use considerations would be great!

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance!


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Kat,

    On the durability side, I recommend you purchase an extended service warranty with whichever model you end up choosing. Even the best-built treadmills require regular servicing. If you and your partner are especially hard on treadmills, you’ll find this money well spent. The newer NordicTrack home treadmills come with a ton of guided workouts, so that’s a brand to consider. I happen to own a NordicTrack that I like and I’m planning to get a new one soon.

    Coach Matt

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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