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    Hi everyone,
    in the last year and half I’ve been doing multiple back-to-back Triathlon plans – I’m not training for a specific event, but just to be super-fit.
    My performance increased a lot, then staled and started decreasing.

    In the last months I was doing much longer rides than prescribed during the weekend as the weather was so good, then in the last few weeks I enrolled to Zwift Classics and started racing too… got completely toasted and after a couple of very very bad running sessions last week (feeling like I was having a stroke during z3 running) I decided to take a few days off and re-assess.

    I’ve now decided to get back into training with more ease, starting from the Triathlon maintenance plan. I feel, however, the volume is very very low.

    I do understand I’d skew the 80/20 ratio, but I was thinking of adding some z1 volume into the plan – is it something doable? I’d like to focus more in base-building for the next couple of months, making z1 cooldowns longer and longer to cumulate more volume without too much strain. Is it doable or better to strictly stick with the 8020 ratio?

    Many thanks

    David Warden

    Mat, thanks for posting this great question on the forums.

    While 80/20 is the optional ratio, the consequences of too much easy is much more favorable than too much hard. Adding more volume through easy time is not an issue (to a point, a 99/1 ratio will not work very well, but an 85/15 would).

    Also, why not just add 20% moderate to high intensity as you add volume anyway? It’s just 12 minutes per hour, easy to track.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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