Triple workout (3 weeks out)

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    Curry Gallagher

    My plan calls for a swim, bike/run (brick) next Sunday. Should all 3 be done consecutively? A little triple trial type work out?

    I am considering switching the swim to Saturday for family purposes, plus my gym with the pool doesnt open until 8 am on Sundays and I’m not keen on biking and running for 3 hours starting at 9:15 (if I can avoid it).

    If its really important to keep the triple, I will.

    David Warden

    Curry, no, not critical. Keep the bike/run together if possible, but the swim can be moved to another day or even merged with another swim earlier in the week. The triple is not critical, but the double bike/run is.

    However, remember that you will probably be hoping on your bike at about 9:00 on race day. Not a bad idea to perform the workout in similar time/temperature environment you’ll see when you race.


    Curry Gallagher

    Yeah, the temporal aspect for training makes sense.

    Have to balance that with traffic on the roads at 9 vs 6 A.M. plus kids sports games to get to.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Curry Gallagher

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