Ultra 50km level 3 date adjustment

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    Hi 8020 team and forum users
    I am using the ultra 50km level 3 plan for the first time. I haven’t raced much for 2 years due to Covid lockdowns in Australia but before that I have raced competitively in my age group for trail HM and 50km and road HM and FM. I’ve found the 8020 offers me a better balanced program and so far I am avoiding calf and hamstring injuries that in the past I incurred about 12 weeks in to more intense programs.

    I have had to reschedule my race from 13 November to 23 October. I’m in week 11 currently. I know I can just reset the end date for the program and it will automatically adjust. But the last few weeks of the program have some different focuses due to the periodisation. Any recommendations please on how to proceed?
    Thanks Ian

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