Update Running Zones (I’m slower or was I training too fast?)

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    Firstly, I just finished the Level 2 Marathon Plan and ran my first marathon…and I CRUSHED it! I hit my A goal and am completely thrilled with my performance. I went to update my zones today based on my finish time and when recalculating all of my new paces are actually slower.

    So this has me wondering. Nearly all of my runs have been noted as being base runs by my garmin especially once the heat of summer subsided. I’ve not had any problems completing any workouts or hitting paces even with the harder interval and progression sessions. All programmed via trainingpeaks.

    The new calculations have my threshold pace at 6:08/km when I’ve been training at 5:53/km with my earlier tests.

    This brings me to the conundrum. Keep training at the 5:53 paces…or have I been training too high and I should actually drop all the paces down to the 6:08 number calculated this morning? I have about a week of recovery before I ramp up again for my second marathon in February.

    Any insights or thoughts are much appreciated.

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    Congratulations on your successful run!!  I’m glad to hear you had some amazing results!!

    I’m assuming your “old” zones were set up using one of our testing methods at the beginning of your plan.  If so, then you can absolutely just keep using those zones.  You seemed to have great results, so I would recommend keeping them set up the way they are now.  You mentioned that you had no problems executing the workouts which leads me to believe you are on the right track!


    Best of luck with your training!

    Coach Anne



    Thanks so much Coach!

    The advice you give matches what I was leaning toward, but it’s always nice to have some confirmation that I’m on the right track and not missing something along the way. I’ll keep it as it is and continue forward toward the next goal.

    Much appreciated!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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