updating Run Power zones after a 10k treadmill race

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    I’d like some advice on updating my Run threshold settings.

    I completed a 10K today as part of the zwift academy Triathlon “finish line run”. It was on the treadmill. I was pretty quick finishing in 40mins 20 sec, with average pace of 4:01min/km.

    My current Run Power FTP is 323 watts based on the recommended outdoor run test based in the 80/20 resource guide for intensity. My hrFTP is 174bpm from the same run.

    Today I ran 40 minutes with an average power of 330 watts, and NP of 331 watts, with average HR of 168bpm.

    The last 20 minutes average power was 332 watts, with average HR for same period of 172bpm. My max HR was 177 – so it was all out (I’m nearly 49)……

    Question: Do I take the last 20 mins of the 10k as my new FTP with no discount on the value?

    Many thanks


    David Warden

    Gareth, great question. This may be an example of the “observed” and “unobserved” performance phenomenon. Athletes perform better when being monitored or held accountable in some way. An individual threshold test, with no external party to observe, will not provide the same performance as a result that will be public in some way. Your Zwift Academy is not a race, but it certainly has a higher level of 3rd party accountability than your previous individual and somewhat anonymous result.

    We see this all the time with athletes who have rFTP X when they do a 20-minute TT on their own, but are 10% higher when doing a 20-minute 5K race.

    So, the answer is: can you maintain the same level of motivation in every training run that you had for your Academy run or race? If so, we should use the new 330.

    Also, these two results are close enough. 323, 330… not a huge difference if you pick one or the other.



    Thanks David – I’ll think it over! As you say not a massive difference. I came 2nd in this virtual race , though the guy that won ran a 31min 10k…….speedy.

    P.s. I’ve been reading Triathlon Science book. Kudos for you chapters.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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