Use a 50k plan for Marathon preparation?

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    After I happily used your 10K(L2) and HM(L2)+strength power based plan for my races I now am looking to train for my next Marathon and after that maybe a 50k.

    Therefore my question is what the differences are between your Marathon and 50k (L2) training plans? ( Same duration, price and just half hour longer max training time )
    Background is if I could use the 50k Plan also to train for my Marathon and later for a 50k, or is the 50k plan focused differently so it is not usable as a Marathon training. Of cause the 50k is focused on longer distances, but this might not be a problem for a Marathon, as the distances are relatively close.

    Hope you can help me here if this makes sense.

    Best regards,


    David Warden


    Training plans vary by intensity, duration, frequency, and specificity. When you compare the 80/20 50K and Marathon plans, you’ll find the intensity to be the same (80/20!), and the duration almost the same (the 50K plan averages about 30 minutes more per week).

    The difference is in the frequency and specificity. We wrote the 50K plan for 50K events, and the Marathon plan for Marathon events.

    However, you can absolutely use a 50K plan for a Marathon event. I would not recommend a Marathon plan for a 50K event.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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