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    I’m on a triathlon maintenance programme (Power) and I see I have an RT11 coming up soon. In the workout Pre-Activity Comments it says:

    “Use these tempo sets to confirm or reestablish your Zones.”

    How would I do this?

    I’m not very good at establishing FTP based on the tests, preferring to get the Garmin to do it on the fly, or trying to work it out from a race or training session, and also a bit of RPE. I recently dropped my FTP for the bike based on my Garmin suggestion (almost entirely Rouvy based TP workouts) and it’s much better as my RPE was telling me it was probably too high. I appreciate doing a dedicated test is best but for some reason I find this psychologically challenging even though I probably work just as hard in normal training workouts.


    Partially answering my own question …

    Re-reading the Pre-activity Comments what it says is:

    “The cycling tempo workout does an excellent job at muscular endurance, and should be used as a method to either verify or re-establish current HR Zones.”

    So my interpretation is that it’s verifying the current zones based on RPE rather than an actual test for a new FTP value. Also I train on Power rather than HR but I guess the same principal applies.

    David Warden

    D, thanks for using our plans! See the section titled “Threshold Testing” in the document

    This will cover how to use the RT, CT, and STT workouts each week to re-establish zones.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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