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    Hi Everyone 🙂 I have my first Variable Intensity workout coming up next week and I’m little confused by one bit. It says that MAS is a pace that I could hold for about 6 minutes, and it says that’s Zone Y to Zone 4. However, my recent fitness test was a mile run I did in 7:00 (probably should have been faster, paced myself to hot from the start). My Zone 4 is 8:03 to 7:09. So I’m confused because that doesn’t line up with the ‘could hold for 6 minutes’. That pace for me would be about 6:30-6:45 based on my mile test (I segmented out my fastest 6 minutes), but of course I could hold high end zone 4 low zone 5 for 6 minutes.

    So, not sure if I should just ignore the part about 6 minutes as reference, and just aim Zone Y/Zone 4 for MAS. Or maybe I’m totally confusing things here 😛


    Leyla Porteous

    Seeings as this is your first go at the VI interval session I would recommend following the zones as per the structured workout. On completion of the workout you will be able to assess if the next time you see this session you could go a little higher in the zone, same or lower to ensure consistency through the intervals. At some point you will also start to get a “feel” for your Maximal Aerobic Speed. The key here is to be able to run faster, then a little less fast and then fast again. Overdo the MAS and you will know about it by the second or third round of intervals.


    oh wait, I was totally missing something about this workout lol. I didn’t scroll down far enough on the workout details 😛 I was thinking it was going to be MAS 30 sec/LTP 45 secs/2:30 zone 1 x 4. I now see that’s clearly not what the workout is, but seeing it how I was initially, I was like I don’t know, seems easy lol. But 4 x 30 sec MAS/LTP 45 seconds – that’s gonna burn! And then doing it all 3 total times lol. Ok yeah, definitely sticking with the zones to a T first time through 🙂

    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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