Weight Training and Recovery Weeks

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    How should weight training be handled on recovery weeks? Reduce the work (if so, how?) or keep it in line with previous weeks? I couldn’t find any guidance in the book specific to weight training during recovery weeks, but I could assume recovery weeks should have a 30-40% reduction for weight training like they do of swimming, cycling and running. If that’s correct, I’m not sure what’s the best way to reduce the work – same number of sets but reduce the weight? same weight but reduce the number of sets? both? no weight at all on recovery weeks?


    Adding to the above…

    Age question: related to the question above, I’d love guidance specific to a 50+ year old. Would it be good in the case of this age to take a full break on strength training for the recovery weeks?

    Strength Training Load question: how do I monitor to avoid doing too much intense weight-based strength training (any week of a plan, not just recovery weeks)? Is it possible to do 80/20 for swimming, biking and running strictly adhering to the zones but still burn out because I’m doing too much strength training? Assuming yes, how should I avoid that?


    Hi Tedc,

    For recovery weeks cut the volume of your sessions, especially on the big lifts. The volume reduction is based on how you feel but cutting the sets in half is a good place to start. It is still good to keep intensity high, so reducing weight substantially is not necessary. A reduction in balance and core exercises is also not necessarily essential as resting the big muscle groups.

    FYI It is also common to keep the routine the same since the reduction in volume from the Swim/Bike/Run is a huge de-load in itself. I would only advise this if you have a lot of experience with strength training. It can be a good way to keep things sharp.

    For your strength loading pay attention to motivation, fatigue, soreness, readiness, and the overall quality of your other workouts. Plan to undershoot, it’s best to slowly chip away to gain progress than have intense lifting get in the way of your Swim/Bike/Run, especially in season.

    The premium plans have rests weeks built in, I would recommend this to suit your needs.



    Thanks for the guidance!

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