When do I retest Bike and Run LTHR

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    I’m starting a Level 1 Olympic plan, and see several weeks of STT2 for retesting CSS, but I don’t see any workout for bike/run that retest threshold. How often should that be done, and how would I incorporate it into the plan?

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    Hi noghri,
    Our resource covers testing in detail. We recommend testing to establish your zones and then on transition weeks if you feel you have had a significant bump up in fitness. Other than this the 10 min STT, RTT, and CTT workout allow you to check on your zones in those 10 min segments without having to do full tests.

    Intensity Guidelines for 80/20 Triathlon



    One more question on top of that: Would the testing workouts replace existing transition week workouts, or would they go on top? If I understand correctly, since FTP tests are in the high intensity 20%, it would mean that we need to reduce the other 20% high intensity trainings to make space for the test workouts.


    yes if you feel you need to update your zones then you would do these testing workouts on a transition week in the plan (no less than 6 weeks apart is my recommendation for developing athletes). You will see the CT and RT workouts on transition weeks which usually contain a note in them on being your option for either reestablishing zones from the workout itself or doing a full 20Min TT.

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