Wrong Form Workout Link in Maintenance Place – SF3 links to SF4 in Form app

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    The Form googles workout link for SF3 in Training Peaks actually goes to the Form goggles workout SF4 in the Form app. Can you please reply back to this with the correct Form link for SF3 and update the link in the Training Peaks plan? Would be great too if you would include the Form links in the Workout library with the workouts here.  Thanks!





    Leyla Porteous

    We will get that link corrected in the plan, but it will not be updated on your calendar until you re-apply the plan.

    For now here is the link to the SF3 structured workout for Form Goggles: https://app.formathletica.com/workout_details/9a593b05-9ba7-476f-be37-701ee6833674

    Please also note that TrainingPeaks and FORM goggles are now integrated in a way that if you simply write out a swim workout in the description it will  sync as structured to your Goggles:

    Here is more information on that feature:  https://help.trainingpeaks.com/hc/en-us/articles/18192708678669-FORM-Goggles

    For any other issues related to errors or omissions in our plans please reach out to us directly at results@8020endurance.com so we can raise a help desk ticket.



    Thanks for reminding me that TrainingPeaks can sync workouts to Form goggles. That is more convenient than clicking the link in TrainingPeaks and adding the work out each time. However, I track my swimming with my Garmin 965 because it includes heart rate built-in, and I want Garmin to have an accurate picture of all of my training activities as it impacts my total training load and recovery. Unfortunately, Form doesn’t currently have a setting to only receive scheduled workouts from TrainingPeaks, and not send completed workouts from FORM back to TrainingPeaks, and then I have duplicate records of my swim in TrainingPeaks, one from Garmin, and one from FORM. Neither of these setups (manually clicking the link each time and loading the workout, or syncing and then having duplicate completed workouts) is an ideal situation, and it seems like a pretty small effort for Form to make this work properly. I have shared this with Form directly a year ago and nothing has changed so it would be great if you’d suggest this to your partners at Form.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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