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    I’m currently in the race specific training phase of the Level III 5K Plan. Today’s workout note suggests confirming/updating Zones based on a Talk Test during the workout.

    I suspect that I will need to up my threshold paces based on the lower heart rates the last couple of weeks, probably due to the cooler weather.

    Given that a change is indicated, the question is when to apply changes. My running form is in the minus 20’s at this stage of the plan, and the key workouts are really hard.

    So: Update Zones? Wait until after the next rest day? Ignore updates until the next training plan with the understanding that workload is still progressing in the current plan? Else…?

    David Warden


    Testing should be done at least every 6 weeks, so if you are going beyond that period, it’s time to test again. If less than 6 weeks and you are feeling tired, punt.

    If 6 weeks or more, find a day over the next 7 days that appears to be where you will be the most recovered. If you are using the PMC, then this should be clear. Pick your best TSB day in the next week to test.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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