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    Ok, so I have a workable solution, I think, for the moment, after chatting with Garmin. The only option is to convert the TP workout to ‘Strength’, which will sync up as a workout on the watch. I then have turned off ‘rep count’, so the only thing that is left is HR and time, which will be just fine. I haven’t seen if I could add a distance metric, but I’ve just been ballparking that based on what the machine reads.

    ‘Other’ and ‘Custom’ in TP doesn’t give any option on the watch as the only way to access the structured workouts is if they are synced to a type that exists in Garmin. So bizarre to me that TP doesn’t have at least a dummy ‘Cardio’ which would sync to Garmin, and that would cover a lot of workout types.

    I messaged TP as well to see if they had a solution I’m missing, and if nothing else, to be a squeaky wheel for adding a new workout type 😛

    I’ll try this on Thursday and report back!

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    @Charles Well, nothing popped up in ‘Events’ on my garmin today, and googling I couldn’t quite find any answer about how to see the training calendar on the Fenix 5s or to navigate to something like you mentioned. I might end up contacting Garmin.

    For the F3b Elliptical app, what would that do that the native elliptical workout in the watch doesn’t do? The page for the app didn’t really show much 😛

    If only TP had an elliptical workout! I’m kind of surprised they don’t.

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    @Charles I’m on a Garmin Fenix 5s. I couldn’t find the training calendar that way, but I also don’t have anything scheduled today. I’m going to try tomorrow as I have something on the calendar. The only way I can seem to see anything that might be the training calendar is one of the widgets says ‘no events’, so I assume that will be at least one way to get it.

    lol. The last time I did the elliptical a much older guy got on next time for like 5 minutes, and ramped up until he was wailing away on that sucker and causing people to stare lol. Maybe one day I’ll make people really wonder what the hell is going on 😉

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    Thanks, Charles 🙂 yeah, HR based seems the easiest for the elliptical, especially at the moment.

    I still am not sure which workout to convert it to in TP so that it syncs with my Garmin watch, so it’ll prompt me with the structured workout. There’s no elliptical workout in TP, and the only options I think might work is ‘crosstrain’, ‘custom’, and ‘other’. I have no idea what the difference between the last two are as in TP they have the same icon. One includes gear options for bike or shoes, and the other only shoes.

    I don’t know if I choose custom or other, if that will prompt my Garmin if I selected something like ‘cardio’?

    It won’t be much of a problem once this injury is fully out as I’ll then use elliptical only for foundation workouts.

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    Oh, all that being said, I really like all the other design updates to the forum and site! 🙂 I know how much hard work goes into these things, so thanks to the team, designers, and devs!

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    Thanks for bringing this up, Charles 🙂 I used to own/run a web design/dev company for 10+ years, up until a few years ago, and we started to pay attention to compassionate design principles like this.

    Also, I’m part way to your experience with regards to my eyes 😛 I have to blow up fonts on most websites, which is easy to do, but the contrast thing might be slowly creeping in as I’ve often wondered why I don’t like ‘dark mode’ so much. Guessing low-contrast sensitivity is it.

    Yes, there are accessibility settings, which I definitely use on my iPhone, like increasing font size and contrast, but settings beyond that really mess with a lot of aesthetics. Desktop has more variables I’ve found too. And the important note here is that a color scheme can be picked that pleases everyone 🙂

    I see this forum is running BBPress, on a WordPress install, and I see that there is a plugin out there that offers a dark mode switch for folks. If that works, this is a way to give folks an option to go dark if they prefer (Droit Dark). But really, different color palette would be easiest.

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    @Matt Fitzgerald awesome! infinitely better 🙂 Going to email you now.

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    Thanks Charles! Yeah, Stryd is at the top of my wish list, hoping to get one relatively soon, think it will be super helpful for this training.

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    Gave it it go with a pretty specific prompt:

    “I want you to provide me with a 9 week endurance training plan for racing 800 meters. I will be training 5 days/week. However, I only need you to give my workouts for 2 days out of the 5. The 2 days should be speed workouts. The other 3 days I will do easy endurance runs, and I already have those workouts. Also, keep in mind that I am 45 years old, but I am also an experienced runner.”

    Basically, I just want some ideas for the speed workouts, and I’ve read a bunch on 800 meter workouts plus did them in HS, so wanted to see how it responded to that.

    Sample of a few weeks it gave me for just the speed workouts:

    Week 1
    Day 1: 6×200 meters at 800m goal pace with 200m jog recovery
    Day 3: 3×400 meters at slightly slower than 800m goal pace with 400m jog recovery

    Week 2
    Day 1: 6×200 meters at 800m goal pace with 150m jog recovery
    Day 3: 4×400 meters at slightly slower than 800m goal pace with 400m jog recovery

    So, yeah, ballpark for sure. I followed up and asked why it didn’t give any 100m repeats in the plan, to test it, gave a decent answer:

    “The reason I didn’t include 100-meter repeats in the plan is that the focus was primarily on developing endurance and race-specific speed for the 800-meter distance. However, incorporating 100-meter repeats can be beneficial for improving your speed and stride efficiency, which can also be helpful for your overall performance in the 800-meter race.”

    Then gave me a few example workouts to swap.

    In the end, not going to use it, and no competition having a coach create a plan is a million times better right now, but I imagine if I fed it a lot of specific starting info from good resources and asked it to crunch the data, it might spit out something decent.

    But 800 meters feels like it really needs to be tailored to the athlete. Googling for plans gives few options, mainly the results focus on types of workouts, different strategies to training. Too many variables for stock plans probably, though I think the 8020 team would knock it out of the park with some different level options.

    Decided I’m going to use 8020 plans for my base, and then swap out a few days for some structured 800 meter workouts from some other TP plan sources, match me where I’m currently at. Bit of a jigsaw puzzle, but going to see if I can put it together lol.

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    @maddenap ah, thanks for the idea! I’ve been having a lot of fun with ChatGPT, and I find it pretty useful for things I have experience with already, but wanting to bat around some ideas, or synthesize some info. I’m definitely going to feed it some info specifically for the speed days for 800 meter training, see what it spits out.

    Congrats on almost being done with the certification! I’ve been moving along slowly, but super looking forward to getting some friends to volunteer 🙂

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    Oh yeah, found Colorado Track Club last month in doing some research, great nerdy stuff on there!

    I’m with you on the individual workouts and getting them into a workable plan. One big difference it doesn’t make much sense to program them is as a structured workout because the GPS won’t be accurate tracking 100, 200, 400 meters. I definitely like going on auto-pilot and having my watch trigger me. But I think with how recovery is integrated, which can often just literally be resting still or walking, I think they’ll be enough space to hit the lap button, but I’ll need to take a piece of paper with me.

    Easy thing for this is that 8020 team considers a full section of intervals to be in the 20% category, including any recovery/rests. So I think it’ll be easy to calculate, but definitely takes a little more effort than the using the plans out of the gate.

    Coaching course has definitely been insightful and helpful for me as an athlete, let alone helping others. Giving it an easy 5/5 stars so far 🙂

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    Hey Andrew and Charles 🙂 Thanks for the replies! The Run Faster and Stride Academy plans look great for what they are, but still aren’t in the ballpark of what I need/want. The Run Faster plans don’t look like they target the training distances needed for 800 meters or the mile (100-400 meter repeats for example), and the Stride Academy definitely doesn’t, though I have already added in running drills and I will be adding in plyometrics along with continued focused strength training. Those are big components, but I still need to the targeted workouts for the specific race distances.

    ShoeCue seems intriguing and I’ll have to give that a try sometime!

    I’m taking the 8020 coaching certification course, and I’m feeling fluent enough that I can hack together speed workouts for 2 days a week and keep the foundation and endurance runs the same, maintaining 8020 balance. But of course, I’d love for the team to create a few plans for middle distance one day 🙂

    Interesting data note: My fastest 800 and mile recorded was last August during an all-out mile test. Since then I’ve repeatedly set PRs for everything from 5k-10k, in races and workouts (the latter is a standout point here). I’ve only raced 5ks, aside from my only ever half-marathon in October. For 5k, 5 mile, and 10k, in TP it’s a continual upward trajectory of data points. I haven’t had a single point of data for mile or 800 since last August, even though I obviously know I would beat my time easily, which I’ll test later this month.

    But point is that the 8020 workouts don’t ever target these in workouts, otherwise I definitely would have beaten my times from last summer, even more so because I’m stronger the shorter the distance goes. So, I both need targeted workout and to start at least TT these periodically for myself.

    That being said, training at 8020 5k plans has been essential and really the very best for me as I have as strong foundation, especially doing things that are my kryponite like tempo runs 😛 I’m ready to now go in and kick some butt in my strong areas.

    Anyways, guess I’ll experiment and report back! 🙂

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    I’d love to see previews as well 🙂 I did get a sneak peek at one when it was applied to my calendar accidentally, and I’m very interested in the possibility of a 9-day training cycle, AND I really like the workouts in the 5k level 2 plan. So I’m hoping that there would be a 9 day training cycle, but with very similar type workouts, just arranged, spread out differently.

    Been reading a lot of articles that 9 or 10 days might be beneficial for any runner, not just masters, so I’m curious 🙂

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    Thanks for the reply, Charles! Yeah, I had seen the science change on this, and sounded like one of the main reasons to limit it was the bleeding for some folks, especially over 60.

    I had a calcium scan done last year, scored 100 and put me just into the moderate risk category, but didn’t start the aspirin since I don’t have anything else going on except cholesterol (and had an echo done to check something from the scan, everything was normal).

    Last month I had some palpitations that lasted a while, more than a short skip of a beat, though with a normal bpm, and the geek in me realized I could test the EKG on my Apple Watch and it detected it as Afib. Doc mentioned there’s been one study done comparing the Apple Watch with standard cardio gear in a hospital, and it scored high in accuracy, maybe 80%. So, not conclusive for me or the doc, but added another point in the potential risk column.

    Anyways, I’m still not overly convinced, but decided to try and see how it feels. I had a salivary stone removed under my tongue this week, but it was only day 4 of the baby aspirin. Didn’t really bleed much, but I’m curious to see how I do with that.

    Happy to hear that you didn’t notice any difference on/off! I wouldn’t want to trade too much off in that department for theoretical risk.

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    @marsnielson I recently have been exploring HR spiking in the first 5-10 minutes of my workouts before settling down. Now, it looks like in the end for me it’s my HRM being whacky because I’ve cross checked it against my Apple Watch and Whoop at the same time, which show a much lower HR to start, and ramping up like normal.

    However, in doing my research, a lot of folks have this happen because they’re not warmed up enough and your heart is just working to catch up with the work you’re doing, and then it will settle down into the zone.

    But funny enough, I was at first going off of the assumption that it wasn’t my HRM being whacky, but instead me not warming up enough, and so in the last few weeks I decided to go super slow in my foundation runs, either high zone 1 or barely zone 2, and you know what, it actually feels better to do that! I also then use my HR to check myself during the run, trying to stay on the lower end. My HR in foundation runs has improved a bunch, staying way lower than before on avg, and yet I’m also starting to speed up naturally, which is the crazy part, but not crazy given 80/20, slow = fast.

    Anyways, I definitely prefer pace now and get why they say it’s better than HR. I liked HR when I started off to make sure I didn’t over exert myself (including walking sometimes), but not I use HR as a secondary measure to help me dial in my workouts as needed, but mainly only for foundation runs.

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